5:3 (gratitude, day three)


*hearing bits and pieces of the little stories, songs, and chatter she dishes out throughout the day, and loving the misspeaks and silly talk.... in fact, cherishing it and planting it all deep in my mind and heart

*all of the "hard winter ahead" predictions I keep hearing, which make me hopeful that she'll have her inaugural snowman-making and sled-riding experiences this year, since last year was a bust in that department, and also because we've got some maple sugaring dreams to bring to fruition

*the way she brings me back to the moment, constantly, all day long.....for example, as I was trying to buckle her into her car seat this afternoon, (and she kept leaning away from me and making it all a bit difficult) she told me "wait, I'm busy looking at the birds up there". those birds, on the line, up there.  and so I looked, too.  and I remembered how much I love watching birds on a line, too.  not sure why, it isn't very exciting.  but that wasn't the part that mattered.

*the Dehlia Low album that I'm listening to.... do people outside of the greater western north carolina area know about these folks?  they're good.

*our local library


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    1. me too.... my little teacher and tester of patience...... (of course, the testing of the patience is the biggest teaching possible, I suppose!)

      she cracks me up~ and this time of language exploding is SO much fun! today I told her not to forget to eat her pears and she looked at me and, deadpan, said "thanks mama, thanks for reminding me to eat my pears" not that that has anything to do with this post, but seriously... the things they say.

  2. I love this gratitude series. And, yes, these little 2+ teachers of ours certainly know how to draw us back to the now. How's the sleep going??

    1. thanks, Emily~ it feels good to sit and think about it each night. I miss that from my regular pen-on-paper journaling days.

      mmmmm, sleep. well, it's nice not to have to be involved for bedtime. after that, well, there are nights she sleeps until 5 or even 530/6 (so all night, really!), then goes back to sleep for a while (those are wonderful nights) and nights where she's up a few times. but it's good- we're getting there!


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