(long) weekending

it was rainy
rain, rain, rain
of course, what we got was truly nothing compared to what so many others faced
that, and our rain was more of the welcomed variety
the 'oooh that will help the clover and fall greens grow and let's snuggle up on the couch' variety

there were also sunny bits
during those times the littlest of we three did lots of swinging on her new swing
she's learned how to walk herself back and then hop to get going,
and how to sit on it and twist it around a few times to give herself a fast little spin

weren't we just pushing her on the little baby swings for the first time...
the ones that look like black sumo wrestler undies?
and hesitating, as she asked to go on the big swings.... a bit nervous, big and little alike


there was a little bit of tomatillo wrangling, in the form of salsa verde-making
next up, more salsa and some mole with roasted pumpkin seeds and tomatillos

the slimy/smooth/sticky feel of them as I peeled the husks off was not what I was expecting
we've got 10 or 12 jars of the stuff so far, and ever so many more waiting out on the vines
(tomatillos that is, not jars....)

Claire helped me pick beets for borscht (beets for borscht, beets for borscht, beets for borscht...)
something I've never made before but felt inspired to from the pages of this wonderful book
one I've had out from the library for weeks and have just now finally glanced at

I like beets more than other members of my household
and these patiently waited for a long, long time before being put to use
I've heard they are great pickled
I like them roasted, too
but find it hard to be motivated to peel and roast a whole pan of beets for one

of course, I used to feel the same way about french toast, but I wised up
and everyone loves french toast (right?), so that's a little different

not an exciting weekend, really
rain, sitting around, small projects and organizing done in little spurts
a decision to have a yard sale next weekend and a nice big ebay/craigslist purge commenced
the same old frustrating toddler (and parent, surely) challenges we've been growing so accustomed to...
time spent talking up school in hopes that this week is a bit smoother (more on that soon)
the market, of course
out for mexican food with friends
good coffee and chocolate covered almonds

not bad
and actually, written down, maybe it borders on semi-exciting
at times, anyway

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  1. i love beets! maybe if you roast them with some other veggies and just serve a roasted veg medley? or grate them into a salad? color! vibrant color.

    1. the soup went over alright~ I LOVED it! I have snuck them in with other root veggies, roasted, and they'll get eaten. I never even really thought to eat them raw- totally gonna give the grating a shot, thanks!


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