summer weekend

we watched our bees pile into their hives, legs heavy with what we think is sunflower pollen

my new scented geraniums are happy in their thrifted tin 'pots'~ I look forward to bringing them in when it's colder so that we can enjoy their lovely and varied scents indoors.  But I will happily wait many months for the cold to set in...... there's so much summer to still enjoy!

I peeked in on the parsnips, grabbed a few to dice and add into the mix tonight for our stuffed zucchini, made with one of several large zucchinis that we were sent home from a friend's house with last night.  
I froze most of it.  Maybe I should do something with the growing pile of yellow and patty pan squash from our own garden..... more squash pie, I suppose~  You can't really go wrong with flaky, buttery crust, sharp cheddar, onions and squash.

Mike opened the hives and oh-my-goodness those girls are rocking it this year!  Such a sweet satisfaction, knowing they are doing well.  Thriving.  I admit I kind of held my breath this year, waiting a while before I let myself exhale and get excited.  It was disappointing having our single hive fail last year.  But, we learned a lot and here we are.  That up there is a nearly full frame of capped honey.  It was pulled from the second box of the back hive, so it will be theirs to help them get through the winter.  But there is some action in the third box, the (for now) top one.  And that might just be ours for the taking.  We shall see.

Dinner with friends at their house.  A house within walking distance to town and still surrounded by 1.5 acres.  Enough for 11 chickens, a large garden, these 2 dwarf Nigerian goats and Vinca the horse, below.  We ate outside with all of them roaming around and it really couldn't have been any more pleasant.  Claire and their almost-four-year-old son played together wonderfully for well over an hour, I hung with the sweetest little baby girl (not my own) and my mind briefly wandered into thoughts about maybe having another one day.  It didn't stay there long, but it was sweet while it lasted.  Baby goat Violet snuggled in my lap looking for petting.  I may have also carried her around a bit.  Maybe.

Claire tried on her new bud's harness and got swung around by papa and then by a rope hanging in the barn.  She loved it.  We've been thinking about getting her one and now I think it's all but a done deal.  We went home with full bellies, an armful of zucchini, and a pint of fresh goat milk from Petunia, Violet's mama.

Rain (and a desire to stay home, eat pancakes *recipe below*, and do nothing) kept us from the market Saturday morning.  It was a nice slow morning that maybe could have been slightly improved by there having been bacon with the pancakes, but you know, we survived.  Both of our neighboring girls had birthday parties.  Which means birthday cake times two.  Not that I really have a problem with that.  Beeba came for a visit.  We ate lots of melon.  The sun and blue sky made appearances off and on throughout the weekend.

All in all, a sweet weekend filled with friends and family and food.

our "go-to" pancake recipe, adapted from Laurel's Kitchen:

1/4 cup wheat germ
1/4 cup flaxseed meal
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour (you can use any mix of flours here)
1/2 cup oats
2 t baking powder
1 T brown sugar
1/2 t sea salt
2 (or more) large eggs
2-3 cups milk
2 T coconut oil (this time I couldn't get the lid open, so I used apple sauce and they were great)

mix dry
combine with slightly beaten egg and milk
add in oil

heat up the pan and cook 'em!
(makes 15-20 pancakes, depending on the size of course)

*these also work well for savory pancakes, I just mix in whatever veggies/herbs I want, plus an extra egg and voila!

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  1. the stuffed zucchini sounds like just my thing. congrats on the hive doing so well! and those flower shots are stunning.
    my girl would also have loved to be swung around.

    i love those goats, just want to cuddle them up!

    1. thanks, Monica~ and the goats, oh my goodness...... I felt like a 4 year old following that baby around and petting her. Just couldn't stop!

  2. she is precious. i know my little nacho would love to be swung around! he has sid and LOVES to feel himself moving through space...maybe we should look into a similar set up? hmmm...

    and squash pie? yes please! baby goats? cuteness overload.

    thanks for the pancake recipe :)

    1. oh yes, I bet he'd love something like this then~ this one is made by Petzl and I think is "technically" for 5-10 year olds, up to maybe 90 pounds. They do have another one made for a slightly younger range, maybe 4-6 or 8. (I don't know how old your little guy is, but surely somewhere in there?) And honestly, even though she's only 2 1/2, I felt fine with her in it, especially since she's not actually climbing in it yet. I like the full-body aspect, and Claire seemed to just relax right into it. First Mike swung her around himself, but then he clipped her into a "swing" setup in my friends' barn and she loved that even more! It was basically just a rope with some carabiners. I bet you could rig something up pretty easily. Maybe even something where he'd have a few different options to choose from and/or could easily keep himself going on his own.

      The squash pie I made was one of Ashley English's recipes-yum! And oh how I wish we could have a goat or two. But alas, town code says we need 2 acres for that and that we do not have.

      No problem!


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