I recently learned how to make a proper clover crown and this weekend I wound one together for my girl as we all hung out in the yard talking, snacking, and checking on plants and bees and chickens...

The debut tailgate market was rained out 30 minutes in, and me without a canopy.  Last year I was a regular, this year I intend to go (as a vendor) only once or twice a month.  We'll be there weekly as customers, though.  I spent quite a bit of time Friday night after she was asleep putting together new photo cards and art collage cards (pictured above in the very beginning stage), sewing felt play food and getting things together.  I was a bit disappointed about the rain.  Except, of course, that I was excited about it for the garden.  At least I learned to check the forecast before going and setting up.  Especially if it's a week I've decided that I don't 'want to mess with' a canopy.  I stashed the cards and other fragile stuff under the table and dashed for cover to the nearest tent.  After the rain let up a bit I packed up my soggy stuff, sold a couple of plant starts to a fellow who was probably feeling sorry for me in my drenched and sopping state, and then did my shopping.

I brought home a few treats.  Some very delicious wood-fired wheat/sesame/sourdough, a container of coconut chevre (which, upon seeing, Claire correctly yelled out "goat cheese, yum!" - she remembers the important things....), another cheese from the same creamery (which she also liked, as evidenced by the large bites that she took out of it before I took the wrapper off... see those bites up there?  that's all her.  wondering how well plastic wrap breaks down in a toddler's system.....), and a stick of sweet sopressata from one of our favorite sources for local meat.

We hung around inside and watched the remaining rain fall.  I went out to the garden and grabbed a bowl of berries for a tasty snack for us to share, and then we went about the rest of the day doing mostly a lot of nothing.

On Sunday I spent nearly the entire day with my coworker/boss at our town library setting up the art show for the after school art program I work for.  Much stapling and ladder-climbing, arranging and push-pinning, a little bit of dehydration, some swearing, quite a lot of wondering how things were going back at home for Mike and Claire, and a delicious lunch in between.  The show opens this Tuesday and will run for the remainder of May.  It is nearly ready.  I have a few odds and ends to tend to in the morning and then I will sigh a deep sigh of satisfaction and relief, and sit back and watch.

I came home to my loves and we ate outside, christened the new fire pit (which I dug and lined with rocks yesterday) with our very ready-to-be-burned Christmas tree, finished up the planting of native perennials in one of the front beds, and called it a day.

wishing a sweet week ahead to all~

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  1. i love the clover crown! i've never properly learned how to do that...think i might google it and learn so we can do that this week.

    sorry about the rain but you're right, it's so good for the garden. and cheese...i love cheese, the stinkier the better :)

    1. It's really easy~ you don't even tie any of them, just kind of weave them together.... when we were at the playground after dinner one night last week there was a mama there teaching a bunch of girls (and grown women as well), a bit like day camp arts and crafts at the playground!

      yes, the garden has greened and grown in appreciation these last few days, and since the market is a fun hobby for me and not my livelihood, I can easily be glad for the rain and not stress over the market day bust. cheese..... mmmmmm cheese. always yes to cheese!

  2. kudos to you on building the pit yourself. i fully plan on having my husband do it ;) tips?

    1. thanks. though it certainly isn't anything fancy. I dug a hole in the lawn about 4 feet across and maybe 6 or 8 inches deep and then lined it with large stones. easy peasy.

  3. loving that super sweet flower wreath for the hair!
    nice job mama!

    1. thanks! it was pretty fun to make~


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