April showers bring.....

It has been pretty rainy lately.  The rain barrels are full, the grass is getting long again, the bees are hunkered down in their hives.  We are doing a lot of running and dancing inside.  A bit more video watching than usual.  Puzzles.  You know, rain stuff.

Like the baked oatmeal out of Super Natural Every Day, (which isn't really just for rainy days, of course) a book I borrowed from the library and then very shortly thereafter ordered for myself.  Mostly because of this baked oatmeal.

I haven't even tried anything else from it yet.  But I've made the oatmeal several times.

After breakfast Claire entertained us for a while by running and spinning her way from this corner of the dining room to the kitchen sink and back.  Over and over and over.  And dancing like she does, a slight bounce with her feet mostly planted in one place, arm (usually just one at a time) pumping back and forth, bum stuck out just a bit.


The deck is on hold.  Briefly.  There was the trip to Indianapolis and now all this rain.  And the fact that we still need to order the decking.  (A small detail)

Still, I peek out there several times a day and imagine the day in the not-too-distant future when I will be able to open doors and walk out there to enjoy my baked oatmeal and coffee.  And watch the bees (see the 2 white boxes in the second photo? those are our bees) and chickens (to the right of the bees, not really visible in these photos) and the garden.

Um, and the neighbors' monstrosity of an RV.  It's quite possible that I typically try to keep that big ol' rig out of my photos of our yard, but let's just be honest, shall we?  In case anyone was under the illusion that we live on a large piece of land surrounded by nothing but green...... nope.  Smallish 1/3 acre lot.  Big ass RV.  I'd like to add that in the 2+ years we've lived here, that RV has replaced a somewhat smaller one, and has left their driveway a whopping 3 or 4 times.  Maybe.  Definitely at least twice.


anyway~  The sun is now out, she is napping, and I am off to see about some eggs, water some seedlings that will soon be transplanted outside, and come up with something for lunch.


  1. love this post.
    sorry about the big ass RV. I have one of those hanging over from our neighbors yard as well. And I think he lives in it part time or something. Ew.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cookbook by the way. I have posted so many times about it that I joked about her owing me a percentage of her book sales.
    YOu comment on my blog really made me laugh.
    Full baby caveman.

    1. thanks~ the book is great, I agree! have any favorites that you recommend? I want to try the sparkling panakam drink soon...... and, and, and.


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