March 29 - I took a load off.....

Today, I got rid of some hair.  Two fourteen inch braids, to be precise.

My head feels so much lighter.  My hair feels a bit 'flouncy' for lack of a better word.  I do this every couple years and somehow in the interim I always seem to forget that my hair, when not weighed down with that extra 14 inches, is actually a bit wavy.  Takes a little getting used to, but I'm alright with that.  Hair is all, and that's all.  And I can still put it in two tiny pigtails if need be.

We did a few other things today.  Claire is finally feeling better.  Sleeping, eating, napping, breathing in through her nostrils.  Woohoo!  The first couple of days of wellness after a (relatively) long illness always take me by surprise a bit, like "wow! so this is what it feels like to not be sick! alright!"

We spent some time outside, Claire and I tending to plants and chickens, papa starting the foundation work for the deck(!).  When he brought home some lumber this morning I looked at it and said "so that will be strong enough for a hot tub?" and he answered me with something about having to have an engineer design a deck up to code to hold a hot tub.  That's when I shot him a look that said "but you know I want to get one eventually..... right?! Isn't that part of the plan?" (I also said that out loud, in case the look wasn't as clear as I'd intended it to be)  He shot me a look that was kind of like "whatever" and a little like "are you serious? I always thought you were kinda kidding...." but he didn't follow up with the words out loud to make it clear like I had.


I just want one of those little 2 or 3 person wood heated hot tubs that are in the back of Mother Earth News.  They're smaller, right?  They don't require an engineer-engineered deck, do they?

Suppose we'll see.  One day.

So as to get out of his hair while he was working on the non-engineer-engineered deck, Claire and I went out to our favorite local pizza place for dinner and lingered there for over two hours.  She had a blast and charmed plenty of folks as we ate pizza, visited with friends that we bumped into, and savored some delicious pistachio gelato.

We came home to papa in the back yard digging really big holes (but probably not the really really big ones needed for hot tub-supporting-decks....) for posts and getting everything shipshape for the building inspector tomorrow.

And now it is late and I must get my little lady to bed.  And then it's go time for mama to start packing for our trip this weekend.  Claire and I are hitting the road Saturday morning before dawn and driving up to New Jersey for the week, and there are things to be done before we go.  Packing, oil changes, etc.  You know, fun stuff.


  1. I know you're not the post-a-pic-of-your-new-hair kind of gal, but I'd love to see the new hair. :) Have fun on your road trip!! I know you will...I'm assuming you're seeing Mike's family? You are brave to make a trip like that by yourself...I've done Nashville a couple times with just me and the boys, but nothing further than that.

    I love you! Have a great week...visiting family is always so fun!

    1. perhaps I'll put up a before and after picture.... we'll see ;)

      we had a lot of fun- we did go see Mike's family and some good friends as well. She was a champ in the car, which was (of course) extremely helpful for a 10+ hour drive! I imagine a long trip with four (!) would be a bit trickier....


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