We got a visit from old man winter.  
It's about time he showed his face around here.  
Wind chills below zero, flurries off and on.  The plants, tricked into thinking spring had already arrived, weren't very pleased.
As beautiful as our days have been lately it sure feels good, feels right, to have to bundle up against a bitter wind and dash to the woodshed.  Swap out the hens' water for unfrozen.
My mom turned 54.
She shared her birthday morning with us. (that's her with Claire in the photo above)
There was apple/pear coffee cake.
We drink a lot more coffee around here than we used to.
Records played, she bounced on her bed and danced, general merriment was made by the littlest one.
We bundled up for a walk around the lake.
Much too cold and windy.  Tiny cheeks chapped red in minutes.  So we only went around once, then came home to a fire.
Mike made chicken pot pie.
Thunderstruck Coffee Porter is available again and turns out, it's a good accompaniment to chicken pot pie.
Finished my second Joseph Monninger novel in a week.
Pretty good.  Set in New England.  Love stories, somewhat tragic, lots of outdoors scenes.  I seem to have been on a somewhat tragic-novel roll lately.  Turning to nonfiction for a bit now~
Reading about building earthen ovens, specifically.
My dad, uncle and grandpa came by for a nice visit.
A very nice visit.
There's something quite special about watching Claire with her great grandfather who has a bit over 90 years on her.
We had tea and coffee.  I made some popcorn.
I finally wrote her birthday letter.
Already I get excited thinking about the day years from now when I will hand her a package filled with these letters.
But be sure, I am in no rush to get there.  I just know it will be a nice thing for us to share.
He is splitting, stacking, splitting, stacking.
He also built a raised bed with some of the old bricks from the fire pit I just dismantled.  Another to come, bringing us up to 7.
I think that will do, for now.
I know where I'm going to plant her birthday bulbs.  Soon.
Our neighbor gave us a small container of giant sunflower seeds.  Looking forward to those.
Time to start some seeds.
But for now, lunch.

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  1. Love it! Old man winter showed up here too! I've had to swap out water for the chickens too today - which I haven't had to do yet this winter. I think the irises and poppies that were already beginning to bloom where stunned too! Lots of the same action going on around here. I just posted a photo on FB of my husband making me a raised bed in the frigid weather. Good man, he is.

    1. our weekends sound oddly similar, don't they? good stuff. If ever you pass through my neck of the woods, we will just have to meet up.

  2. old man winter showed up here too...and he was sooo welcome. love that your extended family played a part in your weekend. must be so nice for claire to be surrounded by all that love.

    1. I know~ after such an oddly mild winter, even with the plants being most unpleasantly surprised, I welcomed the cold with open arms. There is a necessary balance to be experienced with the seasons, after all!

      She was indeed surrounded with lots of love this weekend! I love when the company pours in~


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